Are you suffering from an Autoimmune disease, or a diet-related disease? I can help educate and empower you to get to the root of the disease and rebuild your health through diet and lifestyle changes. 

When I finally, after over 2 decades of illness, was diagnosed with Celiac, an autoimmune disease causing reactions to grains, I dove in deep to heal myself, and as it turns out, my mother, my two girls, and empowered many others.


I am a national and international leader in sustainable agriculture and local food systems. I have extensive knowledge of agricultural and food systems and how they relate to our health to promote good health or disease. Through years of research, tens of thousands of dollars on functional doctors, holistic nutritionist training, and emotional healing/life coaching work, healing myself, I have developed holistic nutritional and lifestyle approaches that can educate and empower you to reverse your autoimmune disease too.  For more information about my healing story see my blog page.